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Day in the life of Chronic Care Management + how to make an appointment today!

As mentioned in our previous article discussing the basics of Chronic Care Management services, we at Taylorville Family Medicine strive to help our patients beyond the office. So in today's blog, we want to look at the 'day in the life' of using Chronic Care management services as well as discuss on how to make an appointment today

Day in the life of CCM services

Let's be honest- not many people enjoy going to the doctor's office. This can be especially difficult with those struggling from chronic conditons. But what if there was a way where patients struggling with chronic conditions could get the help they need right in the comfort of their home? What if the help you needed was just a phone call away? At Taylorville Family Medicine, our Chronic Care Management services might be just what you are looking for! Chronic Care Management (otherwise called CCM) services is a Telehealth service that allows patients struggling with chronic conditions to call up medical practitioners daily to report any changes within their health. With daily phone calls, medical practitioners are able to create a custom plan catered to your individual needs as well as offering continuous support when it comes to your health.

Make an appointment today

Interested in taking the next steps to living a more fulfilling life with the help of Chronic Care Management services? Click here to fill out Taylorville Family Medicine's 'New Patient Application' today! Already a patient at Taylorville Family Medicine? Click here to access the 'Patient Portal' today! For any additional information, contact us here!

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