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5 Reasons Why You Need a PCP

1. Your Primary Care Physician Knows You


Having an established relationship with your PCP allows him or her to be familiar with you and your family’s medical history. This makes it easier for them to find patterns in your health and know how your body responds to certain illnesses.


2. A PCP is Your Entry Point to the Continuum of Care


Having a PCP is a great way to learn how to navigate the somewhat complicated medical system. They can refer you to specialists who may be more knowledgeable about a specific health issue. Through your Taylorville Family Medicine, you have access to a large network of medical specialists throughout the Tuscaloosa area.


3. You Have Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs


A primary care physician copay is typically much cheaper than an urgent care center copay. Having a go-to doctor whom you can easily set appointments with creates a much lighter burden on your wallet, especially in the long run. Take a look at your insurance card to see the difference in cost between an office and an urgent care visit.


4. A PCP Can Help You Reach Your Goals


Planning to lose weight, eat better, or live a healthier lifestyle in general? Your primary care physician can work with you to plan out how you can achieve your goals. Your doctor can recommend diets, exercise plans, and more to help you on your wellness journey.


5. You Can Receive High-Quality Preventive Care


In addition to providing care for acute illnesses and chronic conditions, your doctor can help you take measures to prevent their onset. Your PCP keeps track of your health over time, performs preventive services and screenings to catch diseases early, and offers advice to help you maintain a healthy and happy life.


****Establish a relationship with a Taylorville Family Medicine today and start on the path to a healthier you. Our doctor and NPs offer same or next-day appointments, online scheduling, and an extensive list of accepted insurance plans. We will love to take care of you and your family health needs.

Give us a call at (205)349-1040 and find out how to be our patient.


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