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Our Vitamin Bar

Learn about the various options we have to boost your immune system! If you are interested in receiving one of these injections, just fill out the form below

Single: $12.00 

Double: $20.00

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The Basic

Our basic LIPO-B injections it contains three important amino acids and nutrients that will help you with your weight loss goals.

Single: $15.00 

Double: $24.00

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Burn It

Supports liver health, prevents fat build up, aid metabolism, and reduces blood cholesterol

Single: $20.00 

Double: $32.00

Untitled design (13).png
Lipo Sculpt

Promotes a sensation of fullness and converts stored energy into fats while reducing cholesterol

Single: $30.00 

Double: $50.00

Untitled design (14).png
Slim Shot

B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 for energy, increased metabolism, immunity, digestion, and supports liver health

Single: $85.00

Untitled design (12).png
Lipo Max

A super powerful, fat burning formula that primes your body for fast and effective weight loss

Single: $30.00 

Double: $40.00

Untitled design (15).png
The Rejuvenator

Great injection for cosmetic rejuvenation, anti aging, skin, hair, nails health, and detox from free radicals

Single: $20.00 

Double: $30.00

Untitled design (7).png
Power Up

Perfect alternative to caffeine for fatigue, training or when you need an extra push of energy

Single: $20.00 

Untitled design (16).png
Pure Energy

Experience natural energy for days. Also increase your red blood cell production while boosting your immune system

Single: $55.00

Untitled design (10).png
Be Lifted

COQ10 protects your body from harmful toxins while promoting anti-aging and cardiovascular health


Q: What are the additional benefits for being a regular patient?

A: Our regular patients get the added benefit of being able to get vitamin injections at any facility of their choice, Taylorville Family Medicine, Taylorville at Bear Creek, and Northside Family medicine

Q: Do you have to make an appointment or just walk in?

A: At Taylorville Family Medicine you need to be a regular patient, and Taylorville at Bear Creek all injections are available as a walk-in patient. Northside patients must make an appointment 24 hours in advance of receiving their injection. 

Q: Where can I get an injection if I'm NOT a regular patient?

A: If you are not a regular patient with us, you can still visit the Taylorville at Bear Creek location at 601 Bear Creek Rd. 

Q: Does insurance cover the vitamin injections?

A: No, we do not file insurance on the injections. 

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